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Paris metro line 3 bis

Paris metro line 3 bis map

Metro Paris Line 3 bis Map
Metro Paris Line 3 bis Map (Source ratp.fr)

Ticket price

Standard Ticket

The price of a metro ticket is 1,90€. T-ticket is valid for 1 journey between 2 stations only, you cannot use it again after exiting the metro of Paris. You can find more details on the website of RATP.

Paris Pass

If you plan to use the metro and RER more than once a day, it might be a better idea to buy The Paris Pass. You will have unlimited access to the bus, metro and RER network within Paris. The Paris Pass also includes entrance to the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe and many other monuments and attractions in Paris.

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Use the 4 day Paris Pass and save over €64 on ticket costs.

Paris Metro 3 bis

Line 3 bis of the metro of Paris is the shortest line of the network. It was linked in the past to line 3.

Tourist attractions on Paris metro line 3 bis

There is no touristic site located on metro line 3 bis.

Paris metro line 3 bis stations

There is no major station served by Paris metro 3 bis.

Paris metro line 3 bis is connected to the following metro lines

Paris metro line 3 bis timetable

Paris metro 3 bis runs every day of the week including saturdays and sundays. It runs every 4 to 8 minutes on weekdays and weekends.

The first metro leaves station Porte des Lilas at 5:27 and station Gambetta at 5:32 every day.
The last metro leaves stations Porte des Lilas at 1:04 every day during the week, and at 2:04 on saturdays and sundays and station Gambetta at 1:11 on weekdays and at 2:11 on weekends.

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