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Paris metro line 3

Paris metro line 3 map

Paris metro line 3 map
Paris metro line 3 map

Ticket price

Standard Ticket

The price of a metro ticket is 1,90€. T-ticket is valid for 1 journey between 2 stations only, you cannot use it again after exiting the metro of Paris. You can find more details on the website of RATP.

Paris Pass

If you plan to use the metro and RER more than once a day, it might be a better idea to buy The Paris Pass. You will have unlimited access to the bus, metro and RER network within Paris. The Paris Pass also includes entrance to the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe and many other monuments and attractions in Paris.

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Use the 4 day Paris Pass and save over €64 on ticket costs.

Paris Metro 3

Line 3 of the metro of Paris links the northwest to the eastern suburbs of the French capital. It serves the international bus station Gallieni, the Opéra of Paris and also the Père Lachaise cemetery.
Launched in 1904, around 100,000,000 passengers use the line 3 network (including Paris metro 3 bis) every year.

Tourist attractions on Paris metro line 3

The main utility of Paris metro 3 is to link the international bus station of Gallieni to interchange stations in Paris, it is therefore not a tourist oriented metro line. However there are a couple of interesting sites located on the line.

  • The Opéra of Paris, where you can attend some of the best ballet and opera classics, is served by metro line 3 of the parisian metro with station Opéra.
  • The Père-Lachaise Cemetary, where a lot of French and international artists and singers are buried, like Jim Morrison or Edith Piaf, is served by metro station Père Lachaise.

Paris metro line 3 stations

There are a couple of important interchange stations, with good RER and metro connections, which are located on Paris metro 3 line.

  • Opéra is a metro station of the parisian metro network which offers many connections to other metro and RER lines, directly and through a tunnel connection to metro station Auber.
  • République metro station also offers connections to 4 other metro lines, and serves République square, known for being the main end point of parisian street protests.

Paris metro line 3 serves important transportation sites

  • Train station Saint-Lazare is located on line 3 of the parisian metro. It serves the northwest of France, Normandy in particular.
  • The International Bus Station Galliéni, one of the largest in Europe, where you can take a bus to many european destinations, is served by metro station Galliéni.

Paris metro line 3 is connected to the following metro lines

Paris metro line 3 timetable

Paris metro 3 runs every day of the week including saturdays, sundays and holidays. It runs every 2 to 7 minutes on weekdays, and every 3 to 8 minutes on weekends.

The first metro leaves stations Gallieni and Pont de Levallois at 5:30 in both directions every day.
The last metro leaves stations Gallieni and Pont de Levallois in both directions at 0:45 every day of the week, and at 1:45 on saturdays and sundays.

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