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The Paris Pass

The first time I went in Paris was last year in 2016. I just finished my studies and wanted to discover the City of Light, I had never been there before. I went there for 4 days. The biggest mistake I made was to not purchase The Paris Pass. I will explain you why. First of all, you have to know that Paris is an expensive city. You will spend a lot of money in food, drinks, accomodation, transportation and tourist attractions.


For the transportation, I bought a 5-days metro pass valid for all 5 zones and allowed me to reach Paris from the airport and vice-versa, but also to go to visit the Palace of Versailles. As I got a degree in Art History, my time is Paris was mainly dedicated to museums and monuments. I therefore visited the Louvre, Orsay, Quai Branly and Pompidou museums. I also had time to go to the Palace of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and Notre-Dame Cathedral. I could use the few time left to have a great time at the Grevin Wax Museum and for a River Cruise. This cost me a lot of money. I don’t regret it, but it was really a lot of money.


My main regret is that I didn’t hear about the Paris Pass before my trip. I could have saved around €75 on my stay in Paris. How? First of all, the Paris Pass includes a Travelcard, which is valid within zones 1-3 of the public transportation network in Paris, which includes metro, RER, bus and trams. This is great for 2 reasons: You save money on your metro tickets, and you save time, because you actually don‘t need to purchase metro tickets. I had a terrible experience when I arrived at Roissy – Charles de Gaulle airport and wanted to purchase my metro tickets at the desk there. The poor lady sitting behind the glass didn’t speak a word of English, it took me a very, very, very long time to make her understand that I needed a 5-days metro pass. Thanks to a French student, who offered me his help, I was able to get what I wanted after an hour! The only thing I wanted was to reach my hotel room, but instead, I had a really tough time. With The Paris Pass, I could have received my Travelcard at home, before travelling to Paris.

waiting line at the louvre museum
With the Fast Entry Track to the Louvre included with the Paris Pass, you won’t be in the waiting line!

The second HUGE ADVANTAGE of the Paris Pass, is the entrance offered to many of the most important museums and attractions in the French capital. I spent a lot of money on tickets to all the museums and monuments I visited. The entrance to all of them is actually included with the Paris Pass. I could have saved here again some money on the entrance tickets, as well as a lot of time. You plan to visit the Louvre Museum? So did I! Do you plan to have good time there? So did I! Are you ready to wait hours in the queue before accessing the museum? I was not! I had to stand and wait 2 hours before I could get in the Louvre Museum. A lot of people have the great idea to visit it every day. This means that there is a really huge waiting line in front, around, over, under the Pyramid. What is the point with the Paris Pass? Well the entrance ticket to the Louvre Museum is included, so that means that you actually don’t need to purchase a ticket. So yes, you are right, Fast Track Entry there is included within The Paris Pass, no need to wait few hours before getting in the Louvre Museum. Or the Orsay Museum. Or the Popidou Centre. Or the Grevin Wax Museum. Or the…


The Paris Pass might look pricy, but believe me, you will actually spend more money on museums, monuments, tourist attractions and transportation without it. You will also save a lot of time, having no need to wait to purchase tickets. Unless you are not planning to visit anything in Paris. More than 60 Paris attractions are included within The Paris Pass, I am sure that many of them are those that you plan to visit. A bus tour and a river cruise are also included. The Paris Pass is valid for 2, 4 or 6 days, for an easier and better exeprience in Paris. Check it out!

Update 01/04: SALE! Save 10% on the 3 & 4 day passes and 15% on the 6-day pass. Offer valid until Wednesday 12-04-2017!