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RER E map

Paris RER E Map
Paris RER E Map

RER E Ticket price

If you take the RER E within the borders of Paris, then the standard metro ticket price applies, €1.90. However, be careful, you will have to pay more if you travel outside of Paris. A ticket from Paris to the Val de Fontenay, for example, costs €2.75.

If you plan to use the metro and RER more than once a day, it might be a better idea to buy The Paris Pass. You will have unlimited access to the bus, metro and RER network within Paris. The Paris Pass also includes FREE entrance to the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe and many other monuments and attractions in Paris.

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Use the 4 day Paris Pass and save over €64 on ticket costs.

RER E Overview

RER E crosses the city of Paris from the east to the train station of Saint-Lazare. It is mostly used by people living in the eastern suburbs to go to Paris.
Launched in 1999, it is the newest and the shortest RER line, with a length of 56 kilometers.

Tourist attractions on RER E

There is no major tourist attractions located on the RER E line.

RER E stations

RER E serves only 2 stations inside the boarders of Paris, which are also the only 2 major ones of the line. They are both connected to an important transportation site.

  • Haussmann – Saint-Lazare station serves the Gare Saint-Lazare train station. It is located close to the Grands Magasins, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette stores.
  • Magenta station is connected to Gare du Nord, the biggest train station of Paris, where you can take the Eurostar to London. It also offers good connections to other RER and metro lines.

Airports and Train Stations on RER E

RER E timetable

You can check the schedule of the RER E line on the site of Transilien.

Line Haussmann Saint-Lazare – Villiers sur Marne / Le Plessis Trévise

Weekday timetable
Weekend timetable

Line Haussmann Saint-Lazare / Paris Est – Chelles Gournay

Weekday timetable
Weekend timetable

Haussmann Saint-Lazare – Noisy le Sec

Weekday timetable
Weekend timetable

Haussmann Saint-Lazare – Tournan

Weekday timetable
Weekend timetable